Chicken strips

This one is inspired by the chicken strips that we had from the Ikea food court on our last visit, and it was so good we went back twice for a refill. Thats when I made a mental note to make my version of it, coz the recipe is no rocket science, just strips of chicken breast coated in a breading mixture and deep fried to golden brown goodness. Thats the beauty of this recipe, simplicity! I decided to replace bread crumbs with cheese balls just to add a twist to the recipe.



  • Chicken breast cut into thin strips.
  • Cheese balls
  • salt and pepper for seasoning
  • Oil to deep fry


  1. Marinate the chicken strips with salt and pepper and leave on for a few minutes.
  2. Crush the cheese balls and nicely coat the chicken strips in it.
  3. Deep fry the strips on medium high until the chicken is nice and done.


  1. I used cheese balls in this recipe to coat the strips, you can be as innovative as you can get and make your own breading mixture, flavored bread crumbs, Doritos, cheese crackers or whatever. If you are using bread crumbs, do not forget to dip it in egg before coating.
  2. Do not make the strips too thick as the chicken might not get cooked properly on the inside. Also do not make the oil too hot as it would result in the outside burning and the inside not getting cooked.
  3. You can slice up your chicken really small and follow the exact same recipe for chicken popcorns!!

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